StrainwisePR Dispensario has very nice Bud in stock at all times.  We have tons of strains to choose from.

Conventiently Located in Downtown San Juan the finest Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary. The best strains and the best budtenders to assist with your needs.

With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know which product is right for you. At StrainwisePR, our staff will help select the right strain of cannabis for your ailment. Whether you are looking for a marijuana dispensary near me in San Juan or if you are on the hunt for the absolute best strains, you can trust our staff to give you an exceptional experience.

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Checkout our Cannabis deals for Halloween of 2021! We have some incredible deals on Flowers including Girl Scout Cookies, Brass Tacks, Blue Dream, Black Mamba, Rare Darkness and more.
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