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About StrainwisePR

About StrainwisePR- Our team has years of experience in the Cannabis area

About StainwisePR – Our team has over 100 combined years of service in the cannabis area, from cultivation to dispensaries – We are here for you!  From Growing Cannabis in the early days in Colorado to opening our first shop here in Puerto Rico, we expand our knowledge in order to serve you better.  Order Online and pickup in store!

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Product Knowledge

We have an extensive background in various medicinal cannabis products.  Our budtendors can help find the right products for you.

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Product Selection

We carry an excellent selection of products.  Out team has researched the best products available and gladly provide them for you. Check out our menu!

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Product Satisfaction

We guarantee and stand behind our products.  Out BudTendors are here for your satisfaction.  Order Online Today!

What does it mean to be Strainwise?

What exactly is a strain? Within plants, it is collective descendants connected through uniform character & the pursuit of desirable traits. Avena sativa, for example, is more commonly known as ‘Cat Grass’, and my grandmother just planted some for her furry friends yesterday. It is a strain of sativa just like Sour Diesel.


To be ‘Strain-wise’ is to be knowledgeable. With this knowledge comes also a certain freedom in knowing that your medicinal cannabis provider is a source that, not only offers a consistent variety of quality product, but also a provider that cares to create a hassle-free experience and comfortable environment for its diversified community of consumers. Strainwise understands the desire in all of us for a lifestyle of higher living. Whether it is through pain management, appetite stimulation, or control over anxiety and insomnia, Strainwise is here to help you achieve your goals.


When you choose to get your supply through a Strainwise location, you choose to get your supply through a constant. Unlike that guy’s friend, who referred you to that guy’s friend, who’s cousins with that guy from across the hall at work…Strainwise has constant quality, constant variety, and constant value for your buck. Whether you are in the market for a relaxing indica, a stimulating sativa, or a balanced hybrid, your local Strainwise Location has & knows just which strain’s profile & effects will work the best for what ails you.


At Strainwise, we allow you, our consumers, to be strain wise yourself. We are your proven, trusted, local dispensary, and we want to help you with any and all of your cannabis, glass, & concentrate needs.

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We are dedicated to providing the highest quality service and only the highest quality products. Together our team has years of experience in the Cannabis and Medicinal Cannabis areas. Put your trust in us!

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