You are gonna love our Febuary Deals

StrainwisePR February Deals
StrainwisePR February Deals

You are gonna love our February Deals on your favorite products

We’ve got some special offers and amazing Flower Bundles.  

7 Grams of Flower + 1 Catridge – $100

28 Grams of Flower – $145

15% off all Draco Rosa Products

PortCorn Butter – $5

PortCorn Pizza -$10

Four Choco 25mg – $20

Specials apply to Select Flowers and products.


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 Sugar Substitute Chocolate Chip Cookie - StrainwisePR
Consuming Edibles For the First Time?

Thinking about trying Edibles?

Trying Edibles for the first time can be frightening and alarming, but it’s all about taking it low and slow.  Our Budtenders can explain the simple four-step process to enhance your edible experience.



  • Try edibles with THC and CBD
  • Start with 5mg of THC or less
  • Use easy to dose products like gummies, cookies, chocolate bars etc.
  • Wait at leas 2 hours for the full effect to kick in.

San Juan Dispensary

StrainwisePR Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary The finest Cannabis Dispensary in San Juan. We have the best strains and always look for new ones. Come in today to see whats new.

1850 Calle Loíza
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00911


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