StrainwisePR January Deals

We’ve got some insane deals for January. You won’t find better deals on high quality flower in San Juan. Select Flowers $145 an ounce or 3.5 grams for $25. Select Tumedicina, Yoshables, Kuni and CannaCure edibles just 4 for $20! We have some incredible deals on Flowers including Love Triangle, Brass Tacks, Blue Dream, Puro Blanco, Cowboy Cookie and more. Cannabis Deals throughout the store, come in and check us out. Voted Top Dispensary in San Juan Puerto Rico, incredible strains and the best budtendors around. Order Online now!

You can always find our cannabis deals on weedmaps. Or remember you can always view our latest deals on

Come in today or call to order ahead before we sell out of our deals on cannabis. 7879455492

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